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About us


Our story

Siri Abrahamsen was having dinner with her three boys in 2015, the topic was bullying - she asked her sons the question "what is the opposite of bullying?". Then the 9-year-old replied "It`s GLEDING of course!" Thats how it all started. 6 months later the first childrens book - "Gleding" was published.

Our values

Resilience and love. We believe that we grow as humans through our experiences and our lives. Resilience is about our ability to bounce back from tough times and grow stronger. Love is the most powerful aspect of life. Love is the most valuable emotion we have and truly our strongest tool to bring happiness and belonging to our friends, communities and sense of oneness to our global family.

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Why we do what we do

We believe that what we focus on becomes stronger. To build a culture of belonging and happiness we need to do more of what makes us thrive and flourish. 

So instead of anti-bullying we focus on "gleding"!

Our team

The team behind World of Empathy and Gleding.


Siri Abrahamsen

CEO and Founder

Founded World of empathy back in 2019, creator of Gleding, author and publisher.


Karoline Ø. Solheim


Karoline wanted to study psychology because she think we learned so little about this at school. In Gleding she is a subject matter expert and creates content, articles and co-authors our books.


Maria L. Steinskog

Administrative Manager

 Maria always works concentrated and systematically. Maria is our administrative manager and also gives lectures on Gleding.


Hilde Høgne

Professional presenter

With more than 20 years of experience within Education. Hilde is a powerhouse when it comes too presenting and shares her experiences with joy.


Mari Birkeland

Kindergarden educator

Mari has extensive experience from working with Kindergardens and contributes to the Gleding team with her expertise.


Eirik Henningsen

Chairman of the board

He is said to be the happiest man he knows, and contributes with his extensive experience to power Gleding forward.