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Small actions, big impact

Siris talks and workshops are about the importance of small actions and how the small adjustments creates big impact. She also does talks about values, beliefs and belonging. Siri communicates with great stories and practical key take aways that will leave you with the answers to the following questions: 

"How can we create meaningful conversations?" "How do we build a culture of psychological safety?" "How do we make our days happier and more resilient?"


When we feel good - we create better results

Misunderstandings, cowardice, insecurity, and ambiguity stand in the way of good communication and positive emotions. Small changes in communication and behaviour in the workplace can provide great gains both for our health and for the financial results. 

One of Norways best speakers

Siri Abrahamsen is one of Norways top rated speakers within the field of interpersonal relationships and how we create a culture of belonging and results. Siri has been a full-time speaker since 2012.

By turning fuzzy words into everyday practice, Siri is able to create motivation and a desire to make a positive difference at work and life in general.


Some of Siris talks and topics:

How to create a strong team?

A lecture about us, the community, what we belive and assume about each other and how we can create great results together! In this lecture Siri will show how tiny changes have huge effects on how we feel around each other. Who are you confident around and why? Who makes you feel insecure? When do you feel good? When do you perform at your best? We influence each other all the time - With specific advice and recognisable stories, you will reflect at the same time as you are inspired to be more open minded and generous towards yourself and others.

Happiness - and how it impacts your quality of life

What is really the truth about happiness? And why can happiness be so annoying? Are you aware of the fact that if shared happiness isnt doubled its because shame came in the way? So how can we build more happy days and why is it important?

Your story - how will it turn out?

A lecture on life, values ​​and choices. A lecture that will spark a wish to make a difference. A talk about "waking up" and taking responsibility.

How to have courage in everyday life? How to set ambitious goals, dream big or small and find purpose in the good and the ugly. 

What will your story be? Lets get started!

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