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In Kindergarden

Creating a shared culture of belonging

Gleding creates motivation and inspires employees, kids and parents alike to focus on the things that we want more of. Our products and services are focused to give you the tools needed to start and drive cultural improvement in a systematic way that empowers and motivates.


Get started the easy way

Our toolkit for Kindergardens are a perfect start for creating a systematic approach to Gleding, and includes everything you need to get started.

Motivate and engage

Book us for a workshop or presentation in person or digital. Perfect for boosting existing Gleding initiatives or to kickstart a new one.

  • Parent meetings - The perfect opportunity to create enthusiasm, commitment and a shared mindset for culture.
  • Staff meetings and planning days - Working together to build a great culture. When the staff are motivated and feel a sense of belonging the chances are high that this will positively impact the children. 

Gleding school

Our digital approach, supporting employees, kids and parent throughout the year.

Feel inspired yet?

See all our books and products here