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Get empowered to create days and relationships that matter

Siri is a warm and authentic speaker with more than a decade on stage, and she was nominated Speaker Of The Year in Norway in 2021.

Don’t book her if you are looking for entertainment only – you’ll receive a message that educates, elevates and inspires to action. 


Why do we create negative stress and lonely days...

…when we have all the knowledge, research and tools to create meaningful days? 

Endless to do-lists, disconnection, enormous amounts of hours spent on screens, increase in depression and anxiety, polarisation and lack of empathy. Perhaps you can feel how reading this drains you? Well – many are stuck in this cycle.

The less time we feel we have, the less compassionate and helpful we become. 

The question is; Where are we headed? When will we make enough money, so we can finally spend our days doing things with the people we love, create meaningful work that has a positive impact on all living beings?

Belonging is one of our most basic needs

Yet so many feel lonely in the office, at school and in their neighbourhood. 

Siri engages with stories, insights and tools. She shows how you can understand yourself and others better. As an empathy trainer she twists and turns how we interpret things – for us to see things more clearly so we can connect stronger, build communities and belonging in all arenas of life. 

Social skills are Siris expertise. And according to HBR – social skills are highly asked for among leaders today. Siri talks about why these skills are important, but even better you will get examples from everyday life that makes it understandable, relatable and practical.

Whether you are after a digital or physical event, Siri aligns her talks around your organisations values, strategy and hopes. 

Learning comes from action! After Siri’s talk you will feel empowered to create days that matter.  

For a team to be a safe space to learn, grow and achieve great results, the team members need to have a solid foundation to build on. This talk will be customised for your organisation – and the framework is this: 

– Beliefs and values

– Relationships – a blessing or a curse?

– Independence VS dependence

– Willingness to fail, learn and grow

– Communication that works

– Direction and responsibility

– Creating the important 5:1 moments

This talk is a vitamin boost for your mental health and life quality! There will be no easy solutions like “Just think positive” – Siri knows life is more complex than that. The challenge is to find joy and meaning in those small everyday moments. Siri takes you through the though times and shows how you can use the worst times to add to you mental immune system. 

– Five a day; ingredients for a life of high quality and fulfillment. 

– Why turning jealousy into admiration has a positive effect

– How to find more joy everyday

– Why those good feelings make a difference in the present moment and for the future

– Ideas on what you can do right now

Failure and how you deal with it, impacts our lives more than most of us are aware of. Fear of failure keeps many from taking the action they long for. In this talk Siri shares her story – how she turned loneliness and bullying into an early junior tennis career. What she learned from being alone on that court, starting with sports psychology traning from the age of 12 to travelling alone from a young age. 

She shares her entrepreneurial journey, her first huge failure, being a single mom with three boys and self employed from the age of 29. This is a talk about empowerment, mindset and how experiences in life guides us to days of fullfillment.

Siri uses the teachings of Carol Dweck “Mindset”, tools from emotion focused therapy, Daniel Siegels “Window of tolerance” and Positive psychology from Barbara Fredickson.

By the end of this talk everyone will have their personal compass to find courage and make better decisions for themselves. 

This talk is inspiring, hopeful and warm – and has an important impact with any parent group.

What are the most important things we teach our children? Most of us grew up with parents or caretakers who knew little about childrens development and psychology. Research from the last decades tells us that children actually come with a “guide or manual” – we as grown ups just need to be willing to learn and adept. To change our belifs and patterns we need to learn the importance and the “how to’s”. In this open talk from Siri you will see that most parents have a lot in common. 

– Parenting is not a role, its a relationship

– The key of understanding your own attachment style

– Self-insight the foundation for a life long relationship with your own children and others

– Children and emotions

– All the lies we’ve been told

– Why parenting is a learning process

– Screen time, social media and technology – parenting in the 2020’s

– How parents can create a “safe village” for all children at school. Why we need to focus on building a culture, not just avoid harm and bullying

– How to create more happy moments and memories in your home. How do you want to be remembered?

This talk works well for any group of professionals in childcare and childrens education

There is a lot of research telling us that social and emotional learning is key to build a life of health, quality and meaning. 

We know that play and safety is essential for children to learn. Yet many schools are being measured on very different indicators, mostly academic achievements. 

– How to create a safe learning environment?

– How to deal with the most difficult parents?

– How to find joy and accomplishment when days are chaotic and hectic?

– Beliefs and values

– Your own childhood and upbringing

– Resilience: community wins every time

– Practical ways and activities to strengthen kindness and empathy for  children and adults

– Belonging

"Siri is a warm, personal and inspiring speaker who spoke to us about the simple things that makes the work environment better. It was funny and touching, and she gave us some specific advice on how to be a good colleague and leader."
Astrid Henriksen

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