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Lucy & Wilmer

A mother of three boys, Siri Abrahamsen realised she missed educational, empowering and engaging children’s books – so she created a new fusion between facts and fiction that makes children feel seen and understood.

Lucy and Wilmer go on adventures to explore universal human emotions and together they discover the importance and superpower of empathy. Through three bestselling books, they have inspired children in hundreds of Norwegian schools to treat each other a little better. 

We are translating our books to English in 2023


The books

Gleding to the World teaches children aged 8-14 about empathy on a global scale, through stories, facts and wonderful illustrations. 

We are extra excited that this book covers all of UNs sustainable development goals!

Gleding is about inclusion, friendship and the superpower of empathy. 

Failing shows us the importance of trying new skills, learning, dealing with failure and cheering on one another. Inspired by the mindset theory of psychologist Carol Dweck.

Wondering is Lucy and Wilmer’s journey in the emotion universe, where each planet represents a human emotion. 

The movement

Our books provide parents and schools with great tools to talk about and practice more empathy.

As a result, Lucy and Wilmer have inspired children all over Norway to start their own Gleding patrols. There has been numerous newspaper articles about the impact these children make in their neighbourhood – if that’s not empowering, we dont know what is?!

Get in touch to let us help you start your own Gleding movement!

PS: We would love to hear your ideas and stories of impact on Instagram!

The movement

The animations

In 2022 we partnered up with the superstars at Qvisten Animation to turn the stories about Lucy and Wilmer into animated short stories – and we are really proud of the result if we may say so ourselves! Our short film got nominated for Best Animation 2021 by Gullbranson.

This is only the start of the digital Gleding Universe, the best is yet to come; games, TV series and movies about Lucy and Wilmer are brewing at the Gleding headquarters.

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