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Small actions, big impact


Our mission

Empowering individuals and communities to create resilience and happiness. Small actions makes a big impact. Gleding is the opposite of bullying and helps you focus on actions that creates a sense of belonging and a sustainable future.


What would happen if all children grew up knowing about their superpower - the power of Gleding?

In kindergarden

Build a culture where employees, parents and kids thrive.

At home

Build a home filled with love.

At School

Include, empower and build a culture that teachers, parents and kids thrive in.

Books that empower children and adults

Explore books and tools that helps build life mastery for all ages. What about books that sparks great conversations and brings you closer to your children? Well, you will find that here!

empowering books

Classes and talks that makes you want to take action

Our classes and talks are all about how we can improve our sense of belonging, create joyful moments and empower each other.

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Small actions, big impact

Our services and products are made to empower you in creating a friendlier world for yourself, your family, and your community as a whole.


Lets give it a swing!

Any questions about how you can use "Gleding" in your family, community or school?