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Workshops and staff meetings

Siri has attended hundreds of nurseries and schools in Norway, giving workshops and speaking to parents and teachers to help them make their children more empathetic and robust little humans. 

We are now translating our books and workshops to English and expanding to the UK. Please get in touch if you want your school to be one of the first to use the Gleding program. 

Parents Evenings

Bullying and exclusion in the classroom are symptoms of a lack of safety, acknowledgement and coping mechanisms.

A parents evening with Gleding gives you the most important tools to provide this to the children.

This can be arranged digitally or in person, and is based on a Scandinavian model of parents evenings.

You can expect an event filled with a mix of genuine engagement, a scientific approach and relatable anecdotes. 

– How can we make our children more robust and prepared for the future?
– Parents as role models
– Screen time vs family time
– How to make our homes a safe and happy environment
– Gleding, the opposite of bullying
– How and why should we practice empathy?
– How can we create more joy in everyday life?
– How can we encourage children to include others and spread joy both IRL and digitally?
– Emotions, safety and acknowledgement
– How to create good “villages” for all ages
– Help! My kids are older now – does that mean it’s too late?

We create parents evenings tailored to your nursery or school, and the needs you are currently facing.

Duration: 45-90 min

Digitally or in person : With an optional parents café (tasks after the talk)

Pricing: Please contact us for UK prices.

Norwegian prices: 9 900 NOK (digital recording) // 17 500 NOK (digital live) // from 25 000 NOK (in person)

A PDF with the presentation will be given after the event. 

We’ll help you with invites and on how to get a high attendance!

Staff meetings

We create workshops and speaking events for teachers, for both individual schools and nurseries and entire districts.

“Siri truly showed our employees the meaning of Gleding on 19.august 2022. It lasted for 3 hours but felt like the blink of an eye! 

Siri mesmerised her audience and sent us on a rollercoaster of emotions. She made us laugh, cry and truly challenged us. 

As a council manager, Siri’s message has great value in the work we do in our municipality to create a shift of values. 

Siri had a very clear message about exactly what we need in order to work on to create an inclusive community. She spoke about how the most important thing we can work on is actually ourselves and our own attitudes and values. 

We invited all the employees in nurseries, primary schools and health services for young people to this workshop.

I actually wish everyone could attend a course like this, whether they work in the private or public sector – because this is about the future of our society.

A nursery employee of 20 years said it is the best workshop she has ever been on. Judging by the vibe and the applause in the room, I think it’s safe to say many would agree on that.”

– Målfrid Selvik Årthun, council manager, Sauda, Norway


Gleding school (Norwegian)

While this is currently offered in Norway, we are working on an English version. Please contact us for more information.

Digital bank for the primary school
This online educational program is based on an annual wheel with tasks and advice on how to help staff, parents and children focus on gleding, social/emotional skills and inclusion, as well as public health and sustainability.

There is an optional kick off day – a workshop event for all the children (12-14:00), staff (14-17:30) and parents (18-19:00). 

Digital bank for nurseries 
Online access to tasks and advice on how to help staff, parents and children focus on gleding, social/emotional skills and inclusion, as well as public health and sustainability.

Get your school or nursery involved

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